Quick Fix To Your Archery Problem


By Dave Klimtzak


Last weekend while I was shooting a 30-target 3D course out in the
country, my good friend and hunting partner started to continually shoot 2
to 3 inches to the left. Before that, he had been shooting awesome for the past month; all of his backyard practice mixed in with weekend 3D shoots had him in
the zone. But suddenly, my partner who had been shooting solid as a rock started questioning
himself as he approached every target. What happened? It was like I was shooting with a
different person.

We all experience issues with our
shooting from time to time. As our shooting problems rear their head, our
confidence level falls. We all don’t shoot like Rand Ulmer or Pete Sheply
every day. Shooting problems can spider out and create more issues unless
we jump on resolving them immediately. It is very important to stop and
think about what is really going on. We need to approach the problem in a
systematic way that can bring us back to form quickly.
Many times, shooting problems seem to arrive just prior to the hunting
season. Whether it is a form of Fall Panic, or a result of shooting too many
arrows, who knows? We are human and bad habits have a tendency to
reappear. It is common for the archer to believe his problem is equipment
related. This should always be checked first, but my experience has shown
that 90% of the time the problem is in our shooting skills. Changing out a
sight or a rest is often a waste of time. Your new equipment will most
likely will deliver the same results. Save your time and money and address
your shooting form.
My personal QUICK FIX to archery shooting problems is a small index
card that I keep in my wallet. Yep, an index card that has a bulleted list of
my 10 personal archery shooting commandments. As soon as my shooting is
a little off, I review the card and 90% of the time my problem is either
resolved or in the process of resolution. The card takes me back to the
basics. There will always be one item on
that card that will tip me off where things are going wrong.

Each person’s Quick Fix index card won’t be exactly the same, but they
are likely to be quite similar. Customize your card so it highlights the
items that are part of your shooting agenda and keep your form where it
should be. This tool is great to have on you in your backyard, on the 3D
course, at your hunting camp, or on that outfitted hunt you been looking
forward to. Here is a list of the items on my Quick Fix index card. They
work for me. Hopefully your Quick Fix list will guide you back to
confidence and form when you need it!

Ten Commandments
1. Anchor Point – touch string to exact center of nose.
2. Hold with back muscles- not with your arms.
3. Slight bend in elbow; relax.
4. Index finger should be on trigger of release between 1st and 2nd joint.
5. Push left arm and pull right arm into solid wall. Push & pull.
6. Use your level – that’s why it’s there.
7. Don’t choke the grip.
8. Good posture.
9. Pick a small spot.
10. Follow through – hold for 2 to 3 seconds after release

These are my guidelines. What are yours?