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    Whether you hunt primarily for a trophy, meat, or the experience of being outdoors, you take pride in the deer you take home. Garland was founded with the vision of helping you have your best hunting season yet, marked by bigger, healthier deer. By choosing Garland, you are feeding the highest quality nutritional products on the market, and investing directly in that moment when the whole world stops for you to take your best shot.

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    Creating The Feed

    There’s a lot that goes into creating Garland nutritional products. We are proud to work with partners who care just as much about quality and attention to detail as we do.


E.J. Pfister, CEO


As CEO of Garland Animal Wellness, E.J. Pfister is an avid hunter who is passionate about helping other hunters get more out of deer season, while preserving their land.  E.J. began hunting with his father near their cabin in New York’s Allegheny Mountains when he was six years old.  He progressed from hunting small game with a BB gun, to eventually getting his first deer when he was 16.  Today, E.J. most enjoys going bow hunting for elk and whitetail deer, but he has also had the opportunity to pursue a wide range of fish and game over the years, including salmon, steel-head trout, quail, partridge, and antelope.

E.J.’s love of the outdoors extends out of the wilderness and onto the green.  He has always been a talented golfer, and was ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Golf Instructors in 2009.  With two NCAA Championship golf titles from Oklahoma State University, and experience playing in numerous tours around the world, including those through the PGA and Nike, E.J. is a fierce competitor.

E.J. had been married to his wife, Julie, for 22 years.  Their children, Jane and Jack, are both passionate about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.  E.J. enjoys passing down his father’s knowledge and traditions to his own children.  As a family, they look forward to the opening day of deer season every year, and the quality time outdoors that brings the family together.


Preston Holdren, Chairman


Preston is the Chairman of Garland Animal Wellness, and he is involved in managing many facets of the organization.  His position at Garland allows him to combine his love of the outdoors with his aptitude for finance and process improvement.

In addition to his role at Garland Animal Wellness, Preston is an employee at Garland Capital Group working on both private equity and venture capital transactions.  Prior to his current roles, Preston worked as a process improvement consultant in the healthcare industry.  He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a degree in economics.

Preston is passionate about hunting, and has experience pursuing elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, aoudad, turkeys, ducks, and upland birds.  As a hunter, he most enjoys sitting silently against a tree in the woods and listening to the wildlife wake up as the sun peaks up over the horizon. Preston also loves spending time with his wife and three young children.  He is looking forward to sharing his passion for hunting with his children, just like his dad shared with him.