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    Garland's products were developed by wildlife nutritionists to maximize consumption, digestion, nutrient absorption, weight gain and body condition. Recommended for captive deer breeders as well as landowners who want to supplement the diet of free ranging white-tailed deer in limiting environments, our proprietary nutritional formulas contain only the highest quality ingredients.

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Harry Jacobson, Ph.D.,
Product Development Manager


Dr. Harry Jacobson is a nationally renowned wildlife scientist who has studied numerous animals including, elk, mule deer, bear, small game, and of course, white-tailed deer.  Dr. Jacobson has spent more than 40 years researching captive and free-range deer, and he was instrumental in developing Garland’s nutritional products.  He has published over 200 works in scientific journals, magazines, and chapter contributions for numerous books.

In addition to his role at Garland Dr. Jacobson serves has served as a wildlife management consultant for private landowners and sportsman clubs across the United States, and Mexico, helping manage more than 40 separate properties, ranging from a few hundred acres to over 60,000 acres. Prior to becoming a private wildlife consultant, Dr. Jacobson worked as a Professor in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University. He retired as a Professor Emeritus from Mississippi State in 1997. While at Mississippi State, he received a prestigious Fulbright Professorship to the University of Trihbuvan in Nepal, where he spent one year aiding faculty and graduate students in that country, and also studied its abundant wildlife, including its six species of deer.

He received his undergraduate degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Ecology from Michigan State University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Between his undergraduate and graduate degrees, he spent four years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, including two years of duty in the Vietnam conflict.

Zeb Prawl,
Ruminant Nutritionist

Zeb_300x300px Zeb Prawl is an expert nutritionist who has 16 years of experience in the feed industry.  He has been involved in all aspects of commercial livestock feed, helping breeders and growers raise healthier animals.  Zeb is passionate about serving customers, and doing business openly and honestly.

Zeb currently works at Great Plains Livestock Consulting Inc. with Garland being one of his clients. Before working at Great Plains, Zeb  worked at two major feed companies as a nutritionist, director of nutrition, and in specialty feed product sales and support.  He has spent considerable time with starting and growing cattle operations in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Zeb received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business, followed by a Master’s in Ruminant Nutrition from Oklahoma State University.  He brings a well-rounded base of practical experience and knowledge to the Garland team.