Bed & Breakfast - Native Grass & Forbs

Bed & Breakfast - Native Grass & Forbs

Bed & Breakfast - Native Grass & Forbs

Dominate with diversity that preforms like a food plot but transforms into a Big Buck bedroom. Formulated to include native protein filled vegetation, palatable clover, and the powerful prairie grasses whitetails escape to. Design your next secluded field with Bed & Breakfast to improve the herd carrying capacity with fundamental native browse with dense whitetail escape cover. This multi-year developing planting is timed to provide wildlife with the needed structure and food source as it evolves into dense bedding cover.

Size And Coverage

1 bag (4.15 lb.) covers
1/2 acre broadcasted or
3/4 acres drilled

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Why Bed & Breakfast

  • Fundamental Food that transforms into Dense Bedding Cover
  • Formulated to increase herd carrying capacity for your farm
  • Optimized for maximum germination
  • Reaches heights of 5-7 feet tall
  • Includes important pollinator species and high protein native browse
  • Crimson Clover reduces weed competition and increases palatability
  • Secluded Fields
  • Field Edges
  • Adjacent to C'mon Over, Clover! or Turnip the Beets!

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