At Garland, we believe quality nutrition produces healthier deer. Our supplemental feed is backed by results from over 40 years of research and field-testing on captive and free-range deer populations. Unlike others on the market, our products provide a balanced nutritional formula deer need to stay healthy and grow. The products we offer range from a liquid to a pelleted ration, most of which are tailored for different environments and seasons. We continue to improve our products through customer feedback and ongoing scientific research.



We would like to help you create new stories of your own. Whether it’s taking your children on their first hunt or having your best friend rattle in the buck of a lifetime, deer season is a way to connect with the people you care about. Garland supports your love of hunting by helping deer live and thrive in environments that otherwise might be limiting to their health and productivity.



Education is a core part of our business, since Garland was founded on over 40 years of research and field-testing on captive and free-range deer populations. With help from Dr. Harry Jacobson, a nationally renowned biologist and wildlife expert, we have discovered the ideal nutrition for deer living in a variety of environments. We feel a responsibility to not only provide superior products, but to teach our customers how to best use our supplemental feed on their land. We are always available to questions and make sure you and your deer are getting the most out of our products.



We give back to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which supports the families of our nation’s military heroes. The foundation’s vision is to ensure that every spouse and dependent of a wounded or fallen service member has the financial opportunity to pursue the educational opportunities of their choice. From private grade school, to specialized tutors and higher education, Folds of Honor opens doors for those who need it most. By choosing Garland’s products, you are helping us serve the families that have already sacrificed so much to protect our liberty.