Now & Later - Brassicas & Clover

Now & Later - Brassicas & Clover

Now & Later - Brassicas & Clover

Prepare for perfection with the power of Turnip the Beets, and the long-term impact of C'mon Over, Clover! Fall planted clover is an ideal timeframe to maximize spring performance, but traditionally doesn’t provide you with the fall tonnage desired in your first year of planting. Combined with Turnip the Beets, your food plot will have the needed fall attraction and tonnage as it converts itself next spring to a powerful and highly diverse clover food source.

Size And Coverage

1 bag (6.5 lb.) covers
1/2 acre broadcasted or
3/4 acres drilled

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Why Now & Later

  • Dominate Diversity including 11 high protein species
  • Powerful Fall attraction, with Perennial Performance
  • Optimized for maximum germination
  • Quick start your clover for spring success
  • Winter hardy species combined with perennial power
  • Tubers that break your compact soil for clover stolen to strive 
  • Late season attraction, with herd health benefits 
  • Cleared field
  • Field Edges 
  • Logging Roads
  • Firebreaks along Tall Grass Prairie

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